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10 must-do things for Mass Comm graduates

10 must-do things for Mass Comm graduates
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Considering how broad Mass Communication is, Adediwura Aderibigbe, Digital media journalist outlines skills relevant needed by  all Mass Communication graduates regardless of areas specialisation.

  1. Be computer literate. This goes beyond the ability to start up and shut down a computer system and browse the Internet.
  2. Own a blog
  3. Let your social media platforms give an idea of who you are.
  4. Follow people of like minds online
  5. Write always even when there is nothing to write
  6. Make sure you are on Linkedin, join Linkedin groups and other online groups that focus on your field
  7. Learn the basics of blogging and web management
  8. Acquire training online that could enhance your skills. There are many free online trainings
  9. Offer to write free for blogs
  10. Journalism is about what you can practically do not what you have on your certificate.

Adediwura contributed the above suggestions at the December 2016 Media Career Q&A 2016. For full reports of contribution by other top journalist click this link 

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