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How to write content and get paid in Naira and Dollars  (1)

How to write content and get paid in Naira and Dollars  (1)
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In my free booklet, NewAge Journalism: Conversation with my daughter (Available in print and soft copy if you contact me by email: the point was made about how journalists must explore earning payment from writing content for various platforms.

I often get asked if I have a list of local and international platforms who will pay for content. I wish I have such a list . To find opportunities for writing paid content, you have to search offline and Online and sometimes pitch to organisations and individuals about contents they need which you can write for a fee.

Years ago, 2001 or thereabout, I found a website of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) hosted in the United States by a Nigerian that had no reports about the monthly Holy Ghost Congress and some other major programmes of the Church.

Though I am not a member of the Church, I got well paid for writing the required content for the website. I and the reporter I hired to join me sent our reports from a Cyber Cafe because we didn’t even have a laptop of our own!

At another time, I stumbled on a website of of an African News Agency which did not have reports from West Africa. I contacted the editor and after many weeks, I got a response with an offer to pay me some token dollar amount for short reports that did not require much efforts.

Lastly for now, I once started publishing a free Nigeria Christian News bulletin distributed online and a News Agency found some of my reports interesting and requested I write a more detail version with additional interviews. I got paid $150 for each story I wrote.

Take Away Points:

1. I NOTED that the RCCG website didn’t have the REQUIRED CONTENT and offere to WRITE FOR A FEE and got paid.
2. I NOTED that the African News Agency didn’t have West Africa CONTENT and offered to write even for a TOKEN
3. I PUBLISHED a FREE bulletin with stories that CAUGHT the attention of the US Agency and was asked to write a DETAILED version for a generous fee.

In the second part of this piece, I will share a few more tips. Check out for reports and other resources for advancing your media career.
Feel free to share your thoughts on the above issue and send any question you want answers to about your media career.

(To be continued…)

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