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Interns: What we learnt at Women in Journalism conference

Interns: What we learnt at Women in Journalism conference
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The fourth edition of Women in Journalism Africa conference 2017, themed “PIONEERS, INNOVATORS AND THE BRAVE NEW WORLD”, was held on Thursday 6th of July at the Muson Centre in Lagos Nigeria.

Some students from Yaba College of Technology who are interns at The Nation Newspaper in this compilation highlighted what they learnt at the programme.



Success is personal, only you can make you successful. It was the major phrase which caught my attention, stuck to my memory and keeps hammering on my mind. This has become my watchword and everyday quotes.

According to Stephanie Busari of CNN Nigeria Bureau said “if your dreams and aspiration doesn’t give you fear that means your dreams aren’t big enough.”   One major challenge of being innovative is the educational system in which lecturers want you to give back what they have taught you word for word. If not, you fail. In overcoming this challenge, Mr Anderson Uvie-Emegbo stated that an individual must have:

(1) Level of strategic thinking

(2) Leadership activity

(3) Good attitude.



Women in Journalism is a conference that helped to develop the mind of teens, youths and adults. As the saying goes, “nobody is an island of knowledge”. Lami Tumaka, director from the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), said in her address that if you want a job done, gets a man. If you want a job well done, get a woman.

She further spoke about ideas, creativity, innovations and ‘play’.  She said play makes the brain function well. “When you play, you have the ability to create, evaluate, analyze, apply, understand and remember.” I really think she is right about that.

Collette said you either evolve or die. According to her, things are not static, technology is advancing every day. The fact that you work in a print media doesn’t mean you should be ignorant of the new media. I have learnt that when you play, the idea and ability to think right will surely come. Play involves imagination and your body being put into speculative situations. Play is a practice without stress. Innovation builds relationships so I must learn to play.



…… “Success is personal because only you can make you a success”, these were the words uttered by Toun Sonaiya, one of the panelists for the women in journalism conference (WIJ) 2017 that struck my heart like a lightning spark.

Initially, I was almost regretting leaving my house for the conference, but after hearing the speakers, I can adore my editor for inviting me to such an educative and informative conference. Basically WIJ was an experience.

The panelists made us understand that we need to be innovative and we need to think out of the box. That is to think creatively. They said that the public don’t want to keep on seeing the same things over and over again; they want something unique that will induce them to come to you.

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