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Job openings in broadcast communications company

Job openings in broadcast communications company
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An established media and communications company with several popular FM radio stations in Nigeria, wishes to fill the following positions in new and established markets: General Manager/COO (Lagos); Station Manager (Asaba); Station Manager (Abuja).

1. General Manager/Chief Operations Officer
Job Description Summary:
• The position is multifaceted and reports to and works with the Managing Director in Lagos. The GM/COO will have responsibility for the management and development of the business operations of four radio stations.
• The successful candidate will be one who understands radio and how to make money with the medium. Therefore he must have an entrepreneurial streak and be capable of guiding and supervising the daily operations of all the stations while leading them to higher levels of profitability and efficiency through establishing and entrenching a motivating corporate culture.
• S/He presides over revenue and sales growth, expense, cost and margin control, and monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management; ensuring that all employees follow the financial guidelines of the company; and, that they obtain final approval of the MD and Chairman on certain levels.
• S/he will coordinate and scrutinise all the activities of the Station Managers and ensure through sure-handed guidance that all departments – engineering, programs, news, and administration – work efficiently such that each station will develop local uniqueness through superior programming while conforming to the group’s pan-Nigeria identity.
• S/he will be the lead marketer and revenue driver of the company pulling in patronage, resulting in new income generating projects, and ensuring attainment of sales targets. Therefore, those who do not know how or do not intend to generate revenue as a first principle need not apply.

Primary responsibilities
• Develop and implement budgets.
• Direct company operations.
• Establish performance goals, sales targets and barometers.
• Distribute resources.
• Craft and execute business proposals and strategies.
• Ensure adherence to Regulatory and statutory guidelines.
• Direct and participate in acquisition and growth activities to support overall business objectives and plans.
• Oversee human resources department.
• Manage business relationships with the major partners and clients
• Perform quality control
• Manage internal systems and business processes.
• Develop new processes and programs.
• Inform the MD of all programme issues and accomplishments.
• Assist the MD in planning, organising, and implementing public and private fundraising initiatives.

The ideal candidate will be an excellent team player who can relate to bright young people. S/he should be no more than 45 years old and able to work under people younger than he and deploy his maturity to the benefit of the organisation. We can make exceptions on the age criterion in exceptional cases of proven capability.

As already indicated the position is for someone who understands radio and how to earn money with the medium through creative, accessible and market relevant offerings. Such a person would have been part of a success story in which s/he would have been a distinct component of the success. S/he would therefore not be coming from a pampered professional background where everything for work is available but will need to have an optimistic, problem solving, “can-do” spirit.
Pay: To be negotiated.

2: Station Managers (for ASABA and ABUJA)
Job Description Summary:
• Reporting to the General Manager, the Station Manager has responsibility for the management and development of local content and local business operations of the radio station in his/her charge.
• The successful candidate will report to the General Manager/COO. In like manner, i.e., as with the GM, he must be one with an entrepreneurial and competitive streak capable of leading his/her team to achieving set targets contributing to and entrenching the corporate culture in a unique manner suitable to the local environment.
• S/he would be the lead marketer and revenue driver of the station pulling in patronage, resulting in new income stream projects, and ensuring meeting of sales targets. Therefore, those who do not know or do not intend to generate revenue need not apply.
• S/he will supervise all departments – Engineering, Programmes/News, and Accounts/Administration – ensuring that they work efficiently and in a coordinated mutually supportive manner.
• In consultation with the GM, s/he organises and supervises the training of employees, sets budgets and prepares reports.
Primary responsibilities
• In cooperation with the GM: set targets and objectives for the station.
• Participates in developing policies and procedures for the station
• Supervises and leads local content generation and business development.
• Ensures high customer and client satisfaction through specific local relevance.
• Ensure attainment of Sales targets through coordinated action between all departments
• Develop budgets and ensure that departments adhere to it.
• Manage, train and motivate staff.

These are ideal opportunities for young professionals who want to create an immediate impact and noticeably advance their careers in a dynamic a fast-paced, creatively-charged, ideas-driven broadcast organisation.

Interested candidates should forward CVs and relevant documents to to be received not later than 06 August 2017.

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