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Why Abati, others should stop violating newspapers copyrights

Why Abati, others should stop violating newspapers copyrights
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Is it right for websites like the one published by former Presidential media adviser, Reuben Abati, to reproduce content from print newspapers without their permission or without re-writing them ? Simon Ateba, Publisher of says No and warns of the consequence in a facebook post.


Reuben Abati, the former presidential spokesman, copies the editorials of The Punch, The Sun and others and just republishes them on his website, without any regards for copyright that followed the editorials.

He’s not alone. We’ve all made the same mistakes in the past. We claimed that we credited the newspapers. This is wrong and Google will ban your website if repeatedly found wanting.

I used to think in Nigeria that you can just republish a story as long as you acknowledge the publication or writer. In the United States, I now know the consequences of such unethical practices.

Under no circumstances, should you republish a newspaper’s article without their consent. You have to rewrite it. Google says if you don’t rewrite it, what value are you then adding?

This is because of copyright issues but also because you’re competing for the same adverts. On Abati’s website, the editorials and content from others are running. So the money will go to him not to the writer.

As I said, he’s not alone, we have made such mistakes, and we still make them, but as we redefine this new digital world, we need to adapt to new rules.

On Saturday during the boxing fight between Mayweather and McGregor, I did a small recording, but Facebook blocked it in all countries because, I later learnt, copyrights. I am the only one who can watch it on Facebook. Things are taking shape online!

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