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Career lessons from Raypower MD’s profile

Career lessons from Raypower MD’s profile
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In a review of the curriculum vitae of the new Managing Director of Raypower FM/ Radio Services, Lekan Otufodunrin highlights the major lessons from his career journey
What you become is not necessarily based on what you studied
Although a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and a former Survey Assistant-in-Training at the Ogun State Property Development Corporation (OPIC) before  proceeding to the University, Ambrose Somide has turned out to be one of Nigeria’s top broadcaster.
Having bitten the bug of broadcasting in 1983 when he worked as News Assistant at former Radio Nigeria ( FRCN) Abeokuta, Ogun State, before becoming a Survey Assistant-in- Training in 1984, Somide has opted to remain a broadcaster and not a Surveyor or Urban planner.
Don’t rule out returning to where you resigned from
When Somide resigned from DAAR Communications Plc in 2000 for private practice, he probably never thought he would return to the company as a staff.
Between 2000 and 2008, he was into private practice as the Chief Executive Officer of a Broadcast Media Consultancy Firm – ATSOM Media. The firm specialized in – Content Management, Content Production, Radio and Television Jingles and Commercial (TVC) Production, Capacity Development, Content Provider Trainer and Events Compeering.
 However in 2008, he rejoined DAAR Communications Plc to establish the first fully indigenous Television Station – FAAJI TV (Yoruba Language Channel) on Daarsat, the Satellite television station (DTH) and performed many other roles till his recent appointment
There is a saying that while walking out of a room, like while resigning from a workplace, don’t shut the door permanently by banging it, you may need to re-enter. 
The quality of the training you get on the job matters

Training and retraining on the job is very critical to the success you can make of your job.  Especially because his educational background was not media related, his mastery of the job must have been enhanced by taking advantage of the various training opportunities he got officially and through personal efforts.

Somide attended several Courses and Training Programmes in Broadcasting including  – FRCN Training School – Lagos in 1983, Thomson Foundation London’s Investigative Journalism Training in IITA Ibadan in 1996 and Advanced Management Techniques in BBC, London in 1998.
Others are Voice of America/USIS Basic Managers Training in 2000, Advanced Media Managers Training in the University of Tennesse, USA in 2000 and Rotary Club Exchange Programme in Norway in 2000.
Be outstanding through extra-ordinary contributions
Somide’s records of pioneering efforts in DAAR Communications stands him out as staff to be reckoned with who cannot be ignored in the selection of top executives of the company.
Below are three instances where he earned himself more than a mention in the history of the company.
*In 1998, he midwived the establishment of RayPower 2 106.5FM an All Talk – Radio Station which was a broadcast partnership between DAAR Communications Plc and the BBC, London.
*In 2008, he rejoined DAAR Communications Plc to again establish the first fully indigenous Television Station – FAAJI TV (Yoruba Language Channel) on Daarsat, the Satellite television station (DTH).
*In 2012, he once again midwived the establishment of FAAJI FM a Yoruba/Pidgin Language Radio Station as the Director of Radio Services.
You will be credited for what you initiated
The mark of an excellent staff of a company is his or her ability to come up with and effectively implement unique ideas and concepts required to have edge against competition.
To Somide’s credit, here are some award winning programmes that he presented/produced across various stations he has worked during his career.
 Kileroyin (Radio Nigeria 1983), E ma Bubble (OGBC2), Minijojo (RayPower since 1994 to Date) and AIT Network (1996 to Date), Bournvita Breakfast Special (RayPower), Souls of Jazz (OGBC/RayPower),  Guinness Power Jazz (OGBC/RayPower), Ultimate Morning Show (RayPower), Factfile (RayPower), Soul Serenade (RayPower), Brosumers Smooth Lounge, (Rock City FM), Oskedemi (Radio Lagos/LTV), Koleladun (OGBC 2), Oro to nlo (FAAJI, Daarsat/Africa Independent Television) Ultimate Morning Show (RayPower Network) Factfile (RayPower Network)
 Hard work pays
Keep records
Lastly, you have to learn to document your work history . To a have a very detailed profile of accomplishments like Somide requires keeping records of what you have done and when you did them during your career.
People can help you piece them together, but nobody can tell your full story like you can.
Document and update your accomplishments to the last detail and leave the editing to fit to whoever needs it.

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