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7 simple ways young journalists can get international exposure

7 simple ways young journalists can get international exposure
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By Ronke Sanya

The most dangerous place to remain as a young journalist is your comfort zone. The comfort zone is a local zone. A comfort zone is the zone where you remain, doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result. Media houses prefer to employ journalists that have a personal following, can reach a wider audience and as reporters can promote their work on their own accounts, so as a young journalist, here are simple ways you can step up your journalistic career:

Create a personal brand online: Social media is a great tool in the hand of journalists. It is a place you can market yourself and network. A place you can control and call your own. To develop your journalistic career, you must have a rich content online.

Awards and fellowship: Ask for informational concerning international fellowship and conferences. Awards and fellowship will help in broadening your horizon.

Training and retraining: Develop new skills. New skills in Writing, Editing,  Photography, Video editing, Delivering news on mobile devices, Design, Entrepreneurial journalism, Programming, Social Media, among others.

Have a successful role model: Identify successful and internationally experienced journalists whose work you admire. Send them an email, give them a call, contact them anyhow, and let them know that you admire their work and would be grateful for any job-related tips they can give you.

Make international contacts: While you create a portfolio online, use this to connect with young and hardworking journalists in foreign countries.

Discipline and consistency: Clarify your goals, don’t get distracted by any form of discouraging factors, define who you are and consistently chase your dreams.

Show that you are hardworking: Work hard and work smart too. Set daily, weekly and/or monthly targets for yourself that will keep you motivated and don’t forget to enjoy your work.


PS: Keep your ears down and constantly read 

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